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  1. I.S.Mahal says

    Dear Sir’s
    We are going in for sateen weave 4 up i down , as a new selection for bedsheet , my argument is that the life of the sateen bedsheet will be fat less than percale bed sheet we are using
    How can I make my mamangement understand this
    What will be close approximate reduction in life over the use in comparison to plain bed sheet
    What should I keep my new budget more by


    • says

      Dear Mr. Mahal,
      sateen is not less durable in itself compared to percale plain weave. You just have to make sure the sateen quality is possibly Egyptian cotton of at least 300 thread count. Yarn count should be at least 60′ and single ply is highly reccomended. If you follow this quality guidelines the lifespun of bed linens should not be affected and they would even be nicer and softer after frequent washings.

  2. Ashley says

    I truly hope you can help me as I have looked every where for answers! Recently I purchased a never used, 9 piece dinner set from an elderly woman at a yardsale. It is in the original box with paper “Produtto Italiano” tags with hand written markings.It says “Pure linen, hand embroidered” on the front. It is beautiful but I am dying to know if it is worth anything. The outside of the box and tag feature a large picture of a woman in a dress with a needle in hand, embroidering. Have you ever seen this label before? Thank you for your help in advance!

    • says

      Hello Ashley,
      please send me pictures as detailed as possible of the hand written tags, folding paper, outside of the box and of any other piece of information you may think is helpful. Also send a close up picture of the embroidery, and possibly of the placement of the embroidered motifs on the tablecloth itself.
      As regards to the 9 pieces set, is that made of a tablecloth and 8 napkins? If so do you know the finished size of the tablecloth?
      I know it’s lot of information but it’s necessary to provide a proper estimate.
      I am emailing this same message so you can reply and attach pictures.

  3. Debi Stanley says

    Hello, I have a WONDERFUL set of queen sheets. Tag inside says “500TC 100%combed cotton RN# 0100615 Pakistan” Does this RN# help to find out who makes these sheets? I would love to find them somewhere. As you are the EXPERT I certainly hope you are familiar. You have yourself a wonderful, prosperous weekend! Debi

    • says

      Hello Debi,
      unfortunately “RN# 0100615 Pakistan” is just a generic Reference Number and country of origin, it does not say much about the manufacturer/importer. I believe it should be some big box chain store such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target or the Great Indoors but I am just trying to guess.

      • Debi Stanley says

        Imagine that. I’m not big on imports and was very surprised when I saw origin. Anythings possible besides Egyptian Cotton I have some Supima’s that are quite nice. I certainly thank you. I do know this. I have bought 1000TC even 1200 TC’s that weren’t half as nice as these 500 TC’s. I believe they had some sort of micro fiber involved. To me they felt like polyester the way they trap body heat. As humans we all sweat and actually shed hairs, secrete mucous and skin cells as well as left over hair products and cosmetics debris while we sleep. Not trying to be gross just honest. Myself, I realized I like cottons ability to evaporate better than man made fibers. I use down comforters with a 100% cotton duvet. As long as your super careful to keep a Down duvet covered at all times cotton protects the down as well. Air drying my linens in the sunshine keeps them really fresh. I can’t explain the difference in the quality of my sleep, its just way better since I got hooked on fine linens. It seems like when you’ve slept good, life’s challenges are more easy to cope with. I Thank You and have yourself a GREAT week!

        • says

          Hi Debi,
          I completely agree with you. There is a huge difference between natural fibers and man made fibers. Your overall sleeping experience is definitely better.
          And if you want to go to next level on natual fibers, try pure linen (better if Belgian or Irish). It’s fresh and breathable really great for the summer. I know it wrinkles, but that’s part of its stylish appeal. Isn’ it?

  4. says

    Help! I have a down duvet and love to use it. However, when I make the bed, the box stitching shows and looks lumpy. I cover it with an ivory matelasse, which I want to use, but do not like the look when the bed is made. Also, I have custom euro pillow shams (which match the bedskirt) that I put at the head board, followed with the matelasse standard pillow sham, followed with the bed pillows (which are ivory), and a colorful strip accent pillow in front of it (which coordinates with the euro shams). And of course, I have the ivory matelasse over the bed. I just can’t seem to make it look right! Please give me any suggestions. Thanks. Agnes

    • says

      Hello Agnes,
      you definitely need a duvet cover. It is like a giant pillow case that you fill with your down duvet. That gives a more clean look to the bed, especially if you add on some matching pillow shams. You can still use your ivory matelasse, maybe you can just keep it folded at the bottom of the bed over the duvet cover. I think that canmake a very nice look for your bed.

      • says

        Thanks for your email. Would you recommend a duvet cover that is completely plain (I am looking at one on Ebay that is 500tc Egyptian cotton, ivory, with a flange), or do I need a tone on tone pattern. The matelasse has a diamond pattern on top and a design on the sides (King Charles by Bates). I went looking again today and came home more confused. Agnes PS The salesclerk at Macys thought my down duvet might be “worn out” since it is so lumpy (it is about 8 years old). If I replaced it, would you do a down or down alternative?

        • says

          Hello Agnes,
          a plain duvet cover will match easily your current bedding. On the other hand if you want to give more of a decorative accent to your bed, some kind of pattern on the duvet cover (and maybe some shams to match) will greatly enhance your bedroom decor. That is up to you depends if you want to have a more plain, hotel style look or like more of a contrast.

      • Debi Stanley says

        Please do use a duvet cover. Not just for a finished look, but to protect your down comforter investment. If your religious about keeping the down comforter covered you will not only save on dry cleaning bills but also keep the down from absorbing all that we humans ‘shed’ at night. Down is very absorbent and if it does get wet or stains absorb you risk having a mold situation. Another reason for never storing a down comforter in a plastic bag off season. The same way a pillowcase protects our pillows the duvet cover keeps all the body sweats and secretions, hair products and cosmetics from harming your down investment.(I know,gross but a real consideration) Most manufacturers will say that if you protect a down comforter at ALL times with a duvet you don’t need to dry clean for about 4-5 years. The last time I had my queen size down comforter dry cleaned it was $65 and that was the lowest price I could find locally. As much as I love the look of my down comforter by itself I ‘d rather save the considerable money towards a LUXURY Linen sheet set! Have a wonderful week kids! I had a good laugh yesterday. Found out that a jealous co-worker refers to me as ‘that fine linens hoe’ Imagine my surprise, I’ll tell you if I where 30 years younger…

    • Debi Stanley says

      Hey Agnes, At one time I had a similar situation with my down comforter appearing ‘bumpy or just not finished looking. So now I have staged the top of the bed more 3 dimensional. I used the coverlet spread flat out, pillows in their usual area and I folded my comforter into thirds and have it at the foot of the bed. Now there is a much better contrast. At night I fold down my coverlet to the foot area or pull it off all together. It would be too warm to sleep with anything other than the down. Sweet dreams for all of us! Debi

  5. Justin says

    Hello –

    I just got finished reading the page where you describe the scams, etc. about egyptian cottons and thread counts. I had gone onto the tempurpedic mattress website:

    and I noticed they advertise a “Supima Cotton 1020 Thread Count” Linen. My questions:
    1. How does Supima compare to Egyptian and Pima?
    2. Does this product fall under your description of scam since its over the 1,000+ mark you alert us to not by into?
    3. Can you recommend a shop/website or specific wording to search for superior luxury linens? (money not an object)

    Thank you!

    • says

      Hello Justin,
      tempurpedic is great for mattress not really for bed sheets!
      From a quick review of the link you sent it’s completely missing any information regarding the country of origin, and the price seems to be too low for a real 1,000TC. These elements make me a little suspicious about the actual quality of the sheets. Not that Tempurpedic is a scammer as it is a well established and respectable company, still bed linens are not their core business and not what they have been known in the market.
      Regarding your question Supima is not a “quality” of cotton different than Pima since Supima is the promotional organization of the American Pima cotton growers. The Board of Directors of this non-profit organization is composed of Pima growers from the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. For more information visit
      Regarding some suggestion for real high quality luxury linens store I would reccomend to visit:
      I hope you would be able to find what You are looking for and this information is helpful to You.
      Kind regards.

  6. Kerri says


    I have a bed sheet set that I bought some time ago. The tags are completely illegible, but the sheets are still my absolute favorite set. They are perfect! I want to buy more but am obviously hampered by lack of info. One detail, however, does set these sheets apart. The flat sheet and pillow cases all have a decorative braid. Would you happen to know of the brand that uses a thin braid? The sheets in question are ivory, and they have a high thread count–not completely sure if they’re Egyptian cotton, but they could be!

    I realize I’m not giving you much to go on, but if you know or could find out, I would be ecstatic!

    Thank you,

    • admin says

      Hello Kerri,
      it is very hard to tell, maybe you can email me a close up picture of the decorative braid at We can give it a try but I have some doubts about being able to track the manufacturer.
      Sorry about that.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Debra says

    I purchased Charter club sheets from Macys at least 2 years ago that were Labeled as from India with the Id of WPL8046 100% cotten. I only bought the top sheet king size and it ranged approx $110.00. I am looking to find if this set or sheet is still manufactured, as they are the softest I found so far.

    Would you beable to help, or do you know how I can begin my research. Macy’s is not able to pull these up.

    Thanks in advance,

    • admin says

      Hello Debra,
      WPL just identify the production lot for quality control so it is not possible to recall which design/style you purchased.
      Damask Stripe 500 is a very popular one from Charter Club, does your flat sheet have large tonal stripes or some other kind of pattern you can describe?

      Jay C. Conti

    • Tammy says

      I, also, have the same sheets labeled WPL8046 100% cotton and would love to find the same ones. Mine are old but I still use them because they are “cold” sheets as my 7 year old would say. Please help me find them so I can replace the old with the new

  8. Carolyn Walters says

    Reply to Debbi,
    I also have found the same sheets that stands out from others I’ve gotten and I would like more of: 500TC, 100% Supima Cotton, “Luxury Suite” brand, made in Pakistan, RN#0100615.
    I got them at Tuesday Morning. Everytime I am in that store I search among their many brands of sheets and have found a one more set so far. Good luck.
    Carolyn Walters

  9. Claudia says

    Hi there,

    I’d like to purchase some “nicer” sheets. I’ve visited some of the retailer links you provided, but they are just too expensive at the moment.
    Are there any places you can recommend for sheets under $200 (king)?
    I was thinking supima cotton, not sure about percale or sateen. I still do not really understand the difference between crisp and soft sheets. Especially when I read websites that say the percale sheets get softer and softer….are they soft or crisp?
    Do you have any experience with Thomas Lee sheets?

    Thank you so much for any input you might have.

    • admin says

      Hello Claudia,
      Supima is actually the promotional organization of the American Pima cotton growers, so it is not a different cotton quality than Pima.
      The basic difference between Sateen and Percale is that Sateen has a silky texture and a shiny surface while Percale has a more “matte” or crisp hand. Both kind of fabric should definitely be soft and comfortable to sleep in. Softness is not an optional feature for bed sheets.
      Regarding Thomas Lee sheets I do not have a direct experience, but from the website they seem to offer a pretty good quality for a fair price point so it is probably worth trying.
      Hope you will be able to find the right sheets!
      Happy New Year!!
      Jay C. Conti

  10. Roger Futterer says

    We are looking for some quality sheets for our bed. We would like sheets that are much thicker than the normal ones we have found at Kohls or Walmart. These type of sheets were on a bed in a hotel that we stayed at last year.

    Please let us know these sheets are called, the name of a brand that is like that, and where to find them iuf possible.

    • admin says

      Hello Cheri,
      thickness of sheets is a very personal perception since what may seem thick for you could be considered “normal” by somebody else. That said usually thick sheets are perceived as poor quality, but there are of course exceptions to this. There are kind of thick yet amazingly soft sheets in high thread count Egyptian cotton sateen Giza quality. Just expect an high price point for that ($350 to $699 and more for a King size sheets set). Be sure you get a sample of the fabric before purchasing so you can be sure to have what you are looking for.
      Kind regards

      Jay C.

  11. Roger Futterer says


    At a hotel we used this summer had sheets on the bed that were very thick and were very crisp! They may have been ironed. It seemed like they were linen. I’m not sure. Bot my wife Cheri and I commented on how much we liked them.

    Please let me know what the material was, and how thick it might have been. Also give us the manufacturer name and where to buy it.



    • admin says

      Hello again Cheri and Roger,
      ok, if the sheets were in pure linen (flax) that’s a different story. They definitely need to be ironed but are also cool and breathable making them ideal for the summer or hot/humid climates.
      In general only very high-end hotels use linen sheets since they require more care and maintenance and are definitely more expensive than cotton.
      Learn more about the unrivaled quality of pure linen in my former blog post 8 Reasons to fall in love with Belgian Linen sheets.
      Very best regards,

      Jay C.

  12. Sharon says

    I have a set of Royal Velvet by Fieldcrest sheets that I love. As I understand it, the brand no longer exists but maybe you can help me find a suitable replacement? They are the softness sheets I’ve ever slept on, almost like a super refined luxury version of flannel. The tag says 100% pima cotton, 275 thread count. So it doesn’t seem like it’s a hight thread count that makes them so wonderful. Is it the type of cotton? Are there any brands or types of sheets I should look out for?

    • admin says

      Hello Sharon,
      yes Pima cotton is definitely a very high end cotton quality especially if it is of American origin. Regarding thread count that reinforces again what I have been saying before, that thread count is only one aspect in assessing bed sheets, fabric quality being important, if not even more important as well. See also my previous post “Does Thread Count Really Count?”.
      Best regards,

      Jay C.

  13. says

    HELP! Searching for replacement Gerber blanket lovey or just the exact same material!I’m hoping since you are an expert on linens maybe you can help me with this one?!?!? I’m searching desperately for a Gerber brand pink thermal/waffle
    “organic” cotton in 30X40 blanket. It is kind of a bubblegum pink color.
    My daughter Katie has basically destroyed the one she has and Gerber doesn’t
    make them anymore.

    I have the same exact blanket in green (she knows the difference obviously) and
    here is the tag info if it helps:
    MIC#4633-3488S Made in India

    If it is a Gerber “organic” receiving blanket, thermal, pink and size 30×40 then
    it is definitely it! The organic blanket only came in one shade of pink. Please
    help me if you can! It is her FAVORITE blanket. :-) Please let me know if you
    know who the cotton manufacturer is? Maybe I can buy the material if it is still available???
    Thank you SOOOOO much! Must be EXACTLY the same. :-(

    See picture of it

  14. Donna Sayadian says

    My son wants a heavy sheet for his bed, without it being flannel. He is a big man and liikes his bedding to have some weight. Can you tell me what kind of sheets to look for?

  15. Ben says

    I’ve decided to switch to 100% belgian linen bedding. For some reason I can only one good site “Libeco”. I was wondering if you could suggest two or three other companies to give me more options?


  16. Bernie says

    We just recently replaced our sheets, pillow cases and comforter covers with Damask Stripe 100% Pima Cotton 500TC. They look and feel nice, but I can sleep in them. They seem to trap my body heat creating a very warm and uncomfortable sleeping environment.

    Our old regular 100% cotton seemed to be cooler and more comfortable.

    Am I making this up? Am I imagining this? My wife says it’s all in my head.

    Thanks for your help.

  17. djorgensen says

    I currently sleep on 100% Pima bed sheets made in India. I don’t remember where I got them from. I just know they are heaven to sleep on. As a light sleeper, I notice EVERYTHING, including the softness and how loud the sheets sound as I brush against them. Yes, I know this sounds weird, but I wake up to the slightest sounds.

    I recently bought a new pair of sheets that I thought were perfect until after I washed them. I laid the new pillow case on top of the current sheets I have and compared sounds. The new ones were loud and scratchy sounding compared to my pimas.

    So, after many failed attempts to match my current sheets, I’m asking how I can find another set like I have…soft and quiet. I’ve tried high count Egyptian cotton, Hotel quality…I’m at my wit’s end.

    Anyone have ideas?


  18. Pat Heflin says

    I just stumbled onto your site when I googled “100% combed cotton made in Pakistan”. I too am looking for these wonderful, extremely soft, soft, sheets, that don’t pill and wear like iron. Can you give me the Manufacturer or Name of one that might be comparable and where I can find it. I have thrown away so much money on sheets that pill or don’t wear well.
    My last purchase was Pima sheets at L.L. Bean which are ok but no where near the softness of the ones from Pakistan, but at least I know I can get my money back for them when/if they begin to pill.
    Suggestions please!!! Thank you, thank you!

  19. Linda Horton says

    I purchased Hotel de Luxe Fine Linens sheets. 100% Combed Cotton 500 Thread count. Made in India, are these good durable sheets? Thank you for your help.

  20. E.C. says

    I bought sheets about 2 years ago from BJs. They no longer sell the same sheets.
    The sheets that I am looking for are made of 100% cotton. That’s all that it says on the label on the sheet. It also says made in Pakistan. I have searched everywhere and cannot find any sheets made in Pakistan in any of the major dept. stores.
    These sheets are amazingly cool and slick to the body. Even after 2 years of washing and drying.
    Do you know where I can find these sheets? I appreciate what you can tell me.
    Thank you.
    E. C.

    • admin says

      Dear E.C.,
      thanks for your question!
      I am afraid it will be kind of difficult to track the same exact set of sheets you bought two years ago.
      Pakistan is one of world’s major bedding made ups producer, second in US import volume only to China.
      Usually they produce medium to low quality linens for the mass market mainly sold at big box discounters and large retail chain like Bed, Bath & Beyond.
      Being Pakistani bedding products not very famous for high quality they are usually just labelled as “imported” without a clear specification of the actual country of origin (same as for Chinese imports).
      You’ve been lucky enough to find some excellent sheets that are still in good shape after 2 years, but I am afraid you won’t be able to get the good deal again…
      For additional information regarding some excellent vendors of high quality bed linens online have a look at
      Have a great one!
      Jay C.

  21. Michele says

    I bought some sheets about 5 years ago from possibly Macy’s they are Charter Club Egyptian Cotton Cal king sized and the only product code besides the Name was this
    WPL8046, I have literally worn them too thin now to use and they have torn. The thing is I absolutely love the color, which is a taupe /grey mixture. I was wondering if you knew how to contact the Corporate offices of Charter Club to find out if this color still is in production. Thanks so very much for your time,
    Sincerely Michele.


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